Thermo- Laboratory Consumables and Pipetting


Finnpipette Novus 8-ch 1200
Easy to use electronic multistepping 8-channel pipette

Finnpipette Novus-Single Channel Pipette
The power to reach higher

Finnpipette Novus -Electronic Multichannel Pipette
Easy to reach even higher

Finnpipette Digital - Fixed Volume Pipette
Improved ergonomic design for demanding routines.

Finnpipette Digital - Multichannel Pipette
Designed to make even lighter work of routine laboratory tasks.

Finnpipette Digital - Single Channel Pipette
Improved ergonomic design for demanding laboratory routines.

Finnpipette Focus - Fixed Volume Pipette
Ideal for repeated pipetting of single volumes.

Finnpipette Focus - Multichannel Pipette
Ergonomic Multichannel Pipetting

Finnpipette Focus - Single Channel Pipette
Ergonomic Solutions for Precise Pipetting

Finnpipette Focus Long - Single Channel Pipette
Comfortable and precise pipetting

Finnpipette Multistepper
Accurate repetitive multichannel dispensing.

Finnpipette Stepper
Easy to use repeater pipette

Pipette Accessories
Accessories for Finnpipettes

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