Thermo- Laboratory Consumables and Pipetting


Microtiter- Polypropylene Microplates
Thermo Microtiter polypropylene microplates are ideal storage plates for patient samples and biomolecules or for use with the KingFisher® 96 to enhance the sample preparation and purification process.

Microtiter - 384 Well Microplates
The range of 384-well microplates is ideal for HTS and research applications

Microtiter - Clear Bottom Microplates
Ideal for fluorescent or luminescent assays yet enabling microscopic viewing

Microtiter - Coated Microplates
Streptavidin coating offers binding characteristics for biotinylated molecules

Microtiter - Fluorescence Microplates
These microplates are designed specifically for your fluorescence applications

Microtiter - Immunoassay Microplates
Microtiter products: optimum binding characteristics for immunoassays.

Microtiter - Luminescence Microplates
Microtiter microplates specially designed for luminescence applications

Microtiter - UV Microplates
The UV microplates offer a perfect solution for measurements in the UV range

OEM Microtiter Microplates
For the Specific Needs of Your Assays


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