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Tissue Culture 

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Storage Vials


Tissue Culture & Diagnostic Products

Cutural & Storage Vials

1. End To End With Colour Code.

Graduated Caps With Colour Code &  W/O Colour Cod.


Melting Point Capillaries Both End Open & One Seal .


Spl Type Of Capillary Ka Plunger Maleria Parasde
QBC Capillaries.

5. Heamatocrit  Capilary Non-Hepernised Hepernise Quoted  Length 75mm ,32mm, 125mm,126mm.
6. B.T.C.T. Capillary.


1. Uniform Bore
2. Consistent Lengh
3. Individually Callibrated

1. Homogenizer Plain Vessel  Grinded Vessel,  Capacity 1 Ml To   100  Ml
2. Micro Plate Washer 8/12 Channels Wash Head Mani Fold
3. Tissue Culture Flask Plate 6, 12, 48 & 96   Wells.

Available In Round & Flat Bottom. Plain & Amber Colour Size 1 Ml To 50ml Capacity.

Accessories   Screw Cap with  Silicon Seal , P.T.F.E. Seal, Poly Plug Etc.

Capillaries Plastic Ware - Petri Dish & Pasture Pipette Blood Collection & Testing Quick Freezer
Chromotography Product & Accessories Centrifuge Tube & Micro Centrifuge Tips Hemometer Set & Esrite Kit
Ultra Low Freezer
Tissue Culture & Diagnostic products Sample Cup For Urine Cont/Stool & Sputum Powder Coated E.S.R. & Wintrobe Tube Stand Bio Freezer
Liquid Handling Systems Cuevete

Blood Collection System (Vacuum & Non vacuum)

LAB Refrigerator
Micro Pipette


Vacuum Blood Collection Glass Tube U.Vac Micro Controller Refrigerator
Auto Dispenser & Filling Assembly Glass Test Tube Non Vacuum Blood Collection System Plastic Tube Blood Collection Equipments
Bottle Dispenser Accu A & Accu B Glass Centrifuge Tube Special Product Donor Chair

Needle Burner Electric or Manual


Blood Bank Instruments

Tube Sealer
Blood Mixer & Pro-spin Volumetric Pipette Water Bath Shaker Plasma extractor
Photo Colorimeter

ESR Sedimentation System (Disposable)

Rotary Shaker Blood Collection Monitor
Plastic Ware Disposable ESR System New Type VDRL Shaker Incubator
Test Tube Stand & Micro Pipette Stand Disposable ESR Pipette with Vacuum Plug Incubator Shaker  
Plastic Test Tube & Sample Cup Analyzer      



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